Respect Festival 2010

Respect Video 2010

Thanks to Chris for this video. Here’s a little reminder to show just how special this years festival was! Thank you all so so much. One Love. X

Branga Tanga

Cornish based four piece Branga Tanga will also be playing at this years Respect Festival.

“Braga Tanga Presents an exotic mix of World Folk Music, Eastern European Gypsy Tunes, mesmerizing melodies from near and distant lands. A gripping performance, which includes French waltzes, Tango, Finnish Polskas, songs from Sicily, Turkey, Africa delivered with passion and dexterity. BragaTanga consists of four well-travelled and well-seasoned musicians with considerable musical and theatrical experience.” Myspace

Branga Tanga have previously performed with the likes of Pete Townsend, Mervin Afrika and Birelli Legrene.

Branga Tanga Myspace


Kissmet have performed all over the UK at various events and festivals. 2010 has already seen the band play an amazing set at Glastonbury. They have also played in Mexico, Goa, Poland, Prague and Helsinki to name a few.

In June 2010 the band also released their new album “Trippin’ the Life Fantastic!” Which has received a four star review from Songlines – the UK’s largest world music publication.

Respect Festival cannot wait to have them perform on the 14th August!

Master Drummers of Africa 

Cornwall Respect Festival is delighted to announce that the Master Drummers of Africa will be performing at Lemon Quay.

Described as “one of the most thrilling and unforgettable spectacles in world music” the Drummers have kindly agreed to perform before their evening performance at the Hall For Cornwall.

“Deep, mysterious, spiritual, celebratory and utterly compelling, the world’s greatest drum orchestra features 10 drummers from 10 African nations, using over 100 ethnic drums and representing over 300 tribes of Africa.”

Nucleous Roots

2010 will see live band Nucleous Roots rocking crowds at shows across Europe.The band have previously released five well received roots albums, the last of which was 2004’s “At the Heart of the Matter”.

Nucleous Roots have toured the continent playing sold out shows in Holland, Norway, Belgium and France to name a few.

“Nucleus Roots have a massive stage presence and produce a contagiously danceable, uplifting roots sound. This live line up sees another chapter in the band’s colourful history.” Myspace.

Zubop Gambia 

Gambian master musicians Njega Sohna and Solomelo collaborate with worldbeat music group Zubop to bring you Zubop Gambia. The group is now joined by Fela Kuti’s niece Molara. The London based group has been performing throughout the country and we’re really looking forward to having them join us at this years Respect Festival.

Zubop Gambia plays traditional West African pieces, as well as music combining elements of jazz, reggae, blues and pop. Something which has to be seen!


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